Interested in helping all HOA members, including yourself?

Join the HOA Reform Leader’s National Group (HRLNG)

We are a national group working to change the HOA/COA laws to protect and benefit the homeowners who live in HOAs and COAs.   

We believe that by pulling together all the local HOA reform groups across the nation, we will have a much more powerful voice for both our state and national legislators.

If you are willing to help, we mean really take action, like writing emails to legislators, other officials, and consistently post to help grow this group, then please join HRLNG. This is not another group for posting complaints or asking for help, there are plenty of those. Our group is an ACTION group and we want people who will really take action.

Below is a link to our organization’s proposed legislation:

HRLNG – HOA Reform Leaders National Group

Here is a QR code for those who are interested in joining our Facebook group:

HOA Reform Leaders National Group (HRLNG)
HOA Reform Leaders National Group (HRLNG) is dedicated to changing the Homeowners Association (HOA) laws in all the states.

We are not a group for people to complain about their HOAs or seek help from others, there are many, many other sites for doing that.

It appears that all the states have bad laws for HOAs. In order for people to live happily in HOAs, the laws need to be changed. That is why we are focused on changing the laws.

We are working hard to grow our group, but only want people who are willing to write to their legislators, and others, as well as consistently help to grow the group. What seems to influence the legislators is large groups of people calling them and writing into them asking for the same solution.

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