August 2023

Request to Staffordshire Water System (SWS)

These two letters are meant to open a cooperative dialog between the two Staffordshire Boards of Directors and all stakeholders in Staffordshire Estates, especially voting members.

Please read these letters carefully, and you will know that I am simply asking our present Boards of Directors to govern our Staffordshire community according to Oregon statutes, our Bylaws and other applicable legal governing documents.

It is my sincere hope that when the boards work transparently with our membership, our community can rebuild lost trust and also chart a clear path toward fiscal stability.

To rebuild mutual trust and stabilize our financial health requires facts and transparency.

Addressing these few simple requests and concerns will help Staffordshire Estates begin to build trust and replenish our reserve funds.

I am conducting a feasibility study that could possibly help to substantially replenish the reserve funds of both SHOA and SWS, but until I am certain that the boards of directors are lawfully and properly executing their fiduciary duties, I cannot in good faith entrust further funds into their hands.

After we have the boards’ cooperation and assurance to abide by Oregon statutes, our Bylaws and other legal requirements, we can discuss ways to increase our mutual prosperity.

I have found a possible way to increase the prosperity of Staffordshire Estates that still needs due diligence before I am at liberty to reveal it and I hope that with a more transparent and cooperative community other members will share THEIR ideas, too.

Stephen Short
85682 Hampstead Lane
Eugene, OR 97405

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Pesticide Program

March 27, 2024: Update on this pesticide investigation: The Staffordshire Homeowners Association has received a letter stating that our HOA had a Crossbow pesticide incident on June 5, 2023, and reprimanding the HOA. During the Crossbow incident investigation last summer, some people involved tried vainly to convince the Oregon Pesticide Investigator, Tash Wilson, that the

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Oregon expands free health insurance

Oregon expands free health insurance to all residents regardless of immigration status Healthier Oregon

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