Why does “Friends” exist?

Hi, my name is Stephen Short, a member of Staffordshire Homeowners Association (SHOA).

I created Friends of Staffordshire (“Friends”) as an auxiliary to Staffordshire Homeowners Association and Staffordshire Water System (SWS).

“Auxiliary” means “offering or providing help”.

“Friends” is NOT subsidiary to SHOA or SWS; we are independently here to help. This site is not endorsed by or even recognized by SHOA, the official governing body for our park. (Perhaps, this would explain why I have been called an “anarchist”.

Sometimes, my help has been welcomed by some SHOA members; sometimes it has not been welcomed by some who probably misunderstand why my help is needed.  If you, my dear reader, ever feel that my help is misdirected or even not needed, please let me know and we can discuss it. I mean this sincerely.

This website is simply my humble contribution to help improve communications and help to coordinate “friends helping neighbors”.

So, in this spirit of offering or providing help, please contribute your ideas so that we can help Staffordshire Estates continuously improve. You might be surprised at how quickly we can implement good ideas with the help of SHOA, if necessary.

Why do I offer the services of this “Auxiliary”? Isn’t the Staffordshire Homeowners Association (SHOA) enough?

In a word: No

Let me explain: an HOA, like SHOA, exists to serve only the members of the Homeowners Association; members are those people or other legal entities who own one of the legally plotted lots that are governed by SHOA.

Not all residents of Staffordshire Estates are members of SHOA because many residents are not actually title owners of one of the SHOA-governed properties. “Friends of Staffordshire” is here to help ALL residents and other stakeholders who visit or work on our common property.

Soon, when “Friends of Staffordshire” gains enough Staffordshire community support, we can register “Friends” as an Oregon nonprofit. A future possibility might be to apply to IRS for exempt status. If the IRS determines that we are an exempt organization, we are also exempt for Oregon.  

Just click here to see Oregon.gov

I humbly offer help to all stakeholders of Staffordshire Estates.

How might I be of service to you?

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Why does “Friends” exist?”

  1. “Friends” has not yet been accepted by our community as a tool to help us communicate.

    Unknown to many members, there is ongoing efforts by some in this community to continue to avoid following our governing documents and Oregon statutes.

    This comment is here today, 10/11/2023, to document that some very seemingly unbelievable information has come to light and our present “leadership” seems to have chosen to ignore reality and continue to make up “rules” to suit themselves.

    On September 28, I gave William Hand a thumb drive that contains conclusive documentation that shows the property he owns is not a part of Staffordshire Homeowners Association. I know, it’s hard to believe that after almost 40 years, the fact this particular property was not part of Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the Staffordshire development seems fantastic, but it is true. Bill has the proof and continues to act as if he is a member of Staffordshire Homeowners Association.

    I truly wish that Bill can find positive proof that his home was part of this development. Until and unless he does, there are 98 members of Staffordshire HOA, not 99. There is a way to add his property into Staffordshire HOA, so I encourage the others members to join me in fixing this problem.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Stephen Short

  2. Today is Tuesday 10/17/2023. Update on our leadership team in Staffordshire, noting that the following is my opinion, only:

    Under William Hand’s leadership we are beginning to identify and prioritize our tasks needed to correct issues that have for the most part been “kicked down the road” by past board members.

    I’m optimistic that we will “gel” as a board but I may be mistaken because I have had contact with only one legitimate board member, Larry Cotton and Bill Hand. Bill seems to be working through the issues with input from the other board members and me.

    I have asserted that the board has only 4 legitimate members and it seems that I am alone in this belief. Time will tell if the members of SHOA realize that I am correct.

    We are preparing for the Thursday meeting, which will be “historic” because, for probably the only time since Staffordshire Homeowners Association was founded, a Members meeting will be led by an excellent leader, who is acting as the president of SHOA/SWS, who just recently was told by me that his property is not a part of Staffordshire and that he is not a member of either Staffordshire Homeowners Association or Staffordshire Water System. Wild?!

    Stay tuned…

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