Staffordshire’s Gravel Pit under Scrutiny

Charles Redon, Aquatic Resource Coordinator, Oregon Department of State Lands informed me on 12/18/2023 that he has this investigation in his queue and he needs to process applications before he can investigate this matter further.

I have also reported this issue with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office:

Oregon’s Removal-Fill Law (ORS 196.795-990) requires people who plan to remove or fill material in wetlands or waterways to obtain a removal-fill permit from the Department of State Lands. The law applies to all landowners, whether private individuals or public agencies.

Want to know more? Read this:

Per my duty to protect Staffordshire’s natural resources and to ensure Staffordshire becomes law-abiding, I reported to Charles Redon, Aquatic Resource Coordinator, Oregon Department of State Lands the following:

Dear Mr. Redon,

Please advise our HOA as to what, if any rules or regulations should have been followed before the following took place:

Certain members of our HOA took it upon themselves to move a considerable amount of gravel and soil in the wetlands area of our HOA property. I initially estimated that approximately 30 yards of gravel/soil was stolen; now, it seems the amount is more than that and it was most probably our own resident(s) and our employee, Jake, who created the gravel pit.

I filed a theft report with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office after our HOA employee, Jake Kimbrough, reported to me that someone from the outside came in and removed most of this gravel. I am still investigating whether his report is factual or “made in jest”. I estimated the dollar value of the gravel, if it was actually stolen, to be about $900.

The individual most responsible, Don Begines, says he was unaware of any rules regarding what they were doing, so please take that into consideration.

Please help our HOA determine if we need to do anything now, to comply with applicable laws.

Judging from the amount of gravel/soil moved, I am certain we have not been compliant; I just need some guidance as to the extent of the infractions, if any.

I sincerely hope that by self-reporting, we can avoid any fines.

I have attached a map with a blue circle showing the approximate location of the unauthorized gravel pit. I call it “unauthorized” because no one in authority within the Staffordshire Homeowners Association authorized this gravel pit to be dug. Regardless, I now take responsibility for reporting this and ask for your assistance to educate our HOA about such matters.

Thank you for your help.

Stephen Short
Staffordshire Homeowners Association
Board Member
(PS: That’s me in one of the pictures (3820a); For perspective, I’m 5’10” and the gravel pit is over my head in other places.)

Gravel pit pic 1

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